Sofa Arm Covers

Published: 06th September 2010
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Everyone knows that sofa arms are prone to filth, spills and getting worn. Making protecting covers for them can give your couch some further time before you both wish to substitute it or reupholster all the piece. What’s great about making your own is you will get extra material and make matching pillows. That method it'll appear to be the sofa arm covers got here with the sofa. This undertaking ought to take about an hour to complete. This article will clarify how one can make couch arm protective covers.

Make Couch Arm Protective Covers

1.Measure the arm of the sofa from the again cushion to the end of the arm. Measure from the seat cushion to the identical place on the outer side of the arm. Add 1 inch to every measurement for stitching seams and hems. This is your first piece.
2.Measure the widest a part of the entrance of the arm and the length from the highest of the arm to the seat cushion. If the entrance of the arm is rounded, you can trace the rounded front section on a chunk of brown wrapping paper, add half inch for the seam and use it as a template. Reduce two of every piece out of your fabric.
3.Sew a 1/2-inch hem alongside the again fringe of the primary piece. On the front edge, sew on the second piece prime edge with right sides of the fabric together. Use a half of-inch seam. If using a rounded edge front piece, it could be simpler should you pin the pieces collectively before sewing.
4.Sew a half of-inch hem across the backside of the arm protector and repeat for the other arm. Slip over the arm of your sofa and also you’re done.

Now you may make sofa arm covers yourself.Cheer up and make the most lovely couch arm covers in just a few hours.Good Luck.

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